Backpacking in Idaho – Alice-Toxaway Loop, Sawtooth National Forest

Who knew there was backpacking in Idaho?! It’s one of the many States of the US that fitted within my vague awareness that it is ‘somewhere in the middle’. All I knew before moving out to Utah, and subsequently visiting Idaho, was that it’s famous for its potatoes. Its number plate even states just that!

“Famous Potatoes.”

While yes, there is plenty of agriculture (they have corn, too!) on an enormous scale, we discovered that there is much more to Idaho than that number plate would have you believe. Are Idahoans (is that right?) trying to keep something from us?

I think so!

It turns out that backpacking in Idaho is definitely a thing. And not only that, a thing that is very worth doing. We took in the Alice-Toxaway loop in Sawtooth National Forest over 3 days, and thank goodness we decided to take it a little more slowly, as it was difficult to make progress with the scenery wowing us at every turn!

Starry Night

Of all the incredible scenes along the way, the night sky was a highlight for me. Without planning it, the moon was in its third quarter, meaning we had a completely dark sky for our evening viewing pleasure. After our dinner, dishes, teeth and face were done, we watched the first twinkling stars appear in the twilight. As the sky blackened and our eyes adjusted, we became aware of the thousands of stars above us (want to know how many stars we can see? Check this out!). We lay there, looking up in awe. (And then I ran around with my camera trying to do the scene some justice!)

Take a peek below at a selection of my favourite photos from the trip.

What do you think? Have the Idahoans been keeping something from us?



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