Doubtful Sound

Fiordland National Park, on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island, is home to 12 major fiords. The most accessible, and famous of these fiords is Milford Sound. The longer, deeper, and quieter Doubtful Sound will take up a little more of your time to visit, but is un-doubtedly worth it.

The adventure by no mean begins with the start of the fiord cruise from Deep Cove though. Jaw-dropping scenery is par for the course from outset: a cruise across Lake Manapouri, and a bus ride up and over Wilmot Pass.

We were lucky enough to take not one, but two cruises down this stunning fiord. Within the space of one week we took the overnight cruise, and a day cruise to boot. On our first day we were treated to blue sky, calm water, and wildlife galore. We awoke on day two to low cloud and water like glass. The entrancing reflections were occasionally broken by a Little Blue Penguin or a pod of Bottle-nose Dolphins. Our second trip, and third day on the fiord, was wet and moody. The rainfall created hundreds of temporary waterfalls on the steep fiord walls, and the mist curled and rose through the valleys combining in awe inspiring, mystical scenes.


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