Honeymoon Hike – Esk Valley Walk

One year on and I am finally sharing these photos from our honeymoon hike along the Esk Valley Walk. I’m as slow as US immigration!*

The walk takes in 37 miles from the source of the River Esk up around the tops of the North York Moors, along the river itself, and all the way to the sea at Whitby. Mother Nature gave us beautiful warm sunshine for the duration. And the moorland, pastures, river and woods, provided a feast for our eyes.

I love the power a photograph has to transport you to another place or time. To bring back memories. These photos unlock the sights, sounds, smells, conversations, love, and laughs of our mini adventure as newlyweds.

One memory that particularly sticks in my mind relates the the photo of Brent high up in that tree. He was confident of his abilities to climb up AND down. He got up there no bother, and relaxed while I played around taking photos down below.

And then he looked over the edge.

He wondered out loud how he was going to climb down! I guess it didn’t seem quite so simple once he was up there. He stayed there a few more minutes, considering and deliberating which was the best way off his perch and down to the ground. I was pacing around below getting more and more mad and worried and frustrated as each minute passed. When he finally decided to go for it, he climbed down without any problem at all! What a palaver!

I hope you enjoy looking through these. Comment below and let me know what you think.


*Yes, it took a year for me to be granted my visa to join my husband in the US. I leave next week, and perhaps not surprisingly I am beyond excited!



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