Magical, Misty Hike to Lake Marian – New Zealand

On the morning of our planned hike to Lake Marian the weather was looking a little overcast. This glacial lake, situated in the base of a hanging valley usually rewards the hiker with incredible views of the mountains rising up around it. We knew that with the low cloud we were unlikely to have the opportunity to see those views, but we decided to go for it anyway. I can confirm, that this magical, misty hike to Lake Marian was entirely worth it.

We started at a busy base, crossing the Hollyford River then walking the boardwalk up the side of a series of gushing falls. These are impressive alone, and many people seem to do the quick walk to get a view of the falls, then turn back. It always feels good to keep going past the pack and into the quiet. What we enjoyed for the rest of the hike was green, misty, muddy, entangled routes, moss covered trees, and ferns, and ferns, and ferns. With mouths agape taking in the mystical scenes every step of the way, the steepness of the hike didn’t seem quite as arduous.

In the clouds at the top we picnicked and caught our breath. Only to lose it again when we took a dip in the icy water of the lake. (And it was a very quick dip!) 

I am still looking back through the wealth of photos I took while working and traveling in New Zealand, nearly a year after returning! These photos transport me back to the incredible places and experiences we had out there, and I hope that they give you a feel of the place, and perhaps transport you there too.


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