Ogden and the Wasatch Mountains – Visiting Our New Home

Hello Mountains!

I’m currently visiting my husband in our new home in Ogden, Utah*, and the Wasatch Mountains are our new playground. When I’m walking or cycling down the street I spend half the time staring at their colourful layers and snow-capped peaks.

It’s easy to forget where I am for a moment, when I’m inside and occupied with doing such things as shopping for groceries, climbing at the gym, or cooking. Then, I catch a glimpse of a rocky peak through a window or doorway and my heart sings.

Wasatch Hiking

There are lots of trail heads within a 30 minute bike ride from our front door. This makes me happy! Now I just need to get my fitness levels up, so I don’t feel like I need a rest before we even start! (Please note that the 30minute bike ride is all uphill at varying degrees of steepness. I will admit I was surprised at quite how unfit I feel. I don’t think I can still claim it’s altitude after 4 weeks though!)

Take a peek at these few photos from our first hikes in the Wasatch Mountains. I can’t wait to explore even more!

*Hopefully I will be allowed to officially come and live here in the not too distant future!

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