Winter in the North York Moors

Here’s a selection of photos from my winter wanderings through the pastures, moorland, woodland, and coast of the North York Moors. I usually try to spend my winters snowboarding in the mountains, so it felt a little strange to be in this lower lying land. Mother Nature was kind to me though, as we were treated to snowfall after snowfall after snowfall (although some may think of it as more of a curse!). I even got to have a play on a kids toy snowboard one day! I’ll admit it’s not quite the same as sliding down a mountainside, but it scratched a little itch.

The Beast from the East

My favourite images from this gallery come from the first day that ‘the beast from the east’ hit in the North York Moors. The snow was the driest I’ve ever known it to be in the UK, and the wind was whipping it off the tops. I could see it from our living room as I looked down the valley, and just knew I wanted to try and capture it.

I set off, wrapped up for the Arctic, and headed out to the Howe (a little hill a short walk from home) to get an uninterrupted view of the scene. The sun was shining, and with all my layers I was quite warm when sheltered from the wind. To get the shot I wanted though, I had to venture away from the sheltered spots and into the full force of the elements.

I walked with my back to the wind as much as possible, creating new paths through the snow. The crunch of my footsteps in the untouched snow bringing a smile to my face. Once I’d found a good spot to shoot, I set up and waited for the wind, sunlight, and clouds to work their magic. When the sun lit the spray of the snow off the tops against the dark cloud behind I reeled off as many shots as I could (although it didn’t take long for my fingers to become so numb, that I couldn’t press the shutter any longer!). I hope you like the resulting images as much as I do. 

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